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  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • On the Edge: Collected Long Poems
  • Kenneth Koch
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9780307262844

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    You ll never catch me saying a poem is the greatest poem I ve ever read but goddamn if The Duplications isn t the funniest, most entertaining, and life affirming poem I ve ever read Koch squeezed all the inventiveness out of Roussel, hypercharged each word of it with juice and sunshine, and whipped it into a near hallucinatory clarity and instant accessibility Roussel only dreamed of, and without that chilling a human void at its core not that I have a gripe with chilling a human voids After reading 20 30 pages I m so keyed up with positivity and humor and surging juices that when I dip back into Mishima I can t read even Runaway Horses without construing it as a comedy Even gut spilling Mishima is a laugh riot after Koch And Donald s doom was on him in two daysA Chinese gentleman named Hu Ching PoWas interested in living different waysSpending the month on Crete, he wished to knowThe black, the white, the intervening graysOf all that happened there Well, he was soSurprised to see a duck walk up and speakTo him that he stared madly at its beak Or bill men have a lot of names for noses Schnozzola, target, ray gun, and proboscis And implement for getting kicks from roses, Or helpful, with the eyes, in winning Oscars, And fresh air opens up what clothespin closes Whether by cows or beautiful young ToscasBorne in the midst of face, it has the beautyOf being both delicate and heavy duty We breathe all day and then we breathe all night Sometimes, it s true, the mouth takes over for it,But mainly it s the nose, when sun shines brightOr when stars gleam, that does, like Little Dorrit,More than it seems it ought to do Our sightIs veiled by lids, our hands in sleep lie forwardAnd do not touch, our ears the brain takes care ofBy making dreams of sounds we re not aware of But nose, you go on breathing all night long What was I speaking of Oh, Donald s bill.Yes, well, an animal, chicken or King Kong,Will have a different nose than humans will.A nose which on a girl might look all wrongWould on a hen be beautiful yet stillWe think our own of a superior grade.Don s was two dots upon a bony blade.When Hu Ching Po, astonished, saw the beakOf Donald Duck, and heard him talk, he couldn tBelieve he d not gone crazy In a weekThey had him out of surgery, a woodenBrain inside his head, and in his cheekA thinking cathode, which would help him gooodn Ess knows get through life s ordinary duties.But now to Mickey and his You, too, Brutus Attitude toward Donald, for he found himIn Minnie s arms, with Minnie gently sighing Minnie, goddamn, you ve your two arms around him I see, cried Mick, a duck will soon be dying And, seizing a huge rock, began to pound him Poor Donald Duck to death I m not denyingI hugged him hard, but good Lord, Mickey, listen He stopped he saw her eyes with teardrops glisten. There are 115 pages of such as this Pure pleasure

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    The conversations within conversations are delightful in this book, enacting what really happens on the edge of reality And this edge is portrayed as a consciousness, a quest for something , something that will explain everything The intensity of its lines keeps coming back in a buzzing swarm of impulses and sensory experiences that forms a limen complex enough to be interesting, direct enough to be clear.

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    I enjoy Koch s shorter poems, but did not like the poems in this collection I was only able to finish one of them, and started the rest but abandoned them because they are all mostly in rhyme, and I detest poetry that rhymes because it is a slave to form rather than content Readers who don t mind rhyme will have a good chance of enjoying the book.

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On the Edge: Collected Long Poemscharacters On the Edge: Collected Long Poems, audiobook On the Edge: Collected Long Poems, files book On the Edge: Collected Long Poems, today On the Edge: Collected Long Poems, On the Edge: Collected Long Poems b6204 On The Edge Is A Collection Of The Six Longer Masterpieces By One Of The Most Beloved And Accomplished Poets Of Our TimeFull Of Exclamation And Exaggeration But Also Graced With Dry Wit And Comic Sophistication, These Poems Contain Some Of Kenneth Koch S Most Original Work When The Sun Tries To Go On Is A Young Man S Radical Song Of Himself And His Freshly Discovered And Expanding Universe Ko, Or A Season On Earth Is An Epic Invention Filled With Such Memorably Powerful Characters As A Rookie Baseball Star Whose Pitches Knock Down Grandstands, And Joseph Dah, Whose Poems Transform Him Into Whatever He Writes About In The Duplications Koch S Inventions Expand Into Ovidian Twists As Commander Papend Builds A Life Sized Replica Of Venice In Peru And A Chemist Discovers A Way To Make Young Women Out Of The Soil Of Finland In The Elegiac Seasons On Earth And In Two Meditative Autobiographical Sequences, Impressions Of Africa And On The Edge, Koch S Protean Expressions Of Emotion Make Obvious His Genius For Evoking The Mystery And Excitement Of The Fact Of Existence And The Passage Of TimeDistinctly And Irrepressibly Koch Throughout, These Works Heighten Our Appreciation Of His Achievement On The Edge Is The Perfect Companion Volume To The Critically Acclaimed Collected Poems Of Kenneth Koch, About Which John Ashbery, In Publishers Weekly, Said, The Products Of A Lifetime Are On Display In This Awe Inspiring Banquet Of A Book