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  • Black Planet: Dragon's Blood
  • Belinda McBride
  • 06 June 2018

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    How have I not read this series from the talented Ms McBride This revised version has my hook, line and sinker I love the characters, not only because they are ASIAN I love them because Ms McBride creates broken characters who survive against all odds In this series, Annie Tanaka is a cop who lives in a lawless zone, The Wharf After barely recovering from an unsolved case, she is pulled back in when the serial killer returns Shaken to her core, Annie knows she needs to end this creature but she isn t sure she can The last time, the price was too high This story captures my attention immediately with the vivid description of Annie heading off to work I purposely did not read the blurb so that I would come into this story with no preconceived notions Reading Ms McBride s books is like going to a restaurant and having a master chef prepare your meal without any input At least, this is how I like to read her books Because her books transport me away into another world and I love it In this one, the world is in the future taking place on Earth The build up in the hunt for this creature is enriched by a complicated relationship between Annie and her former partner As the story progresses and a reader learns about their past, it only entices the reader Now I want to read every book in this series The question is, will each one be revised or shall I read how they were published The story moves at a fast pace, including the sexual interlude The rough sex with martial arts foreplay is hits me in my sweet spot I can t help but be aroused Ms McBride pains a grim picture with a ray of hope After reading this story, I immediately want to read the rest of them This speculative fiction is recommended to those who enjoy a dystopian theme with kick ass martial arts This story was gifted to my by the author

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    I received a copy from the Author in return for an honest review The setting is shocking, a San Francisco waterfront that makes the worst of our slums feel like an all expenses paid trip to the Hilton And the heroine is terrified not of the environment but of the water, of a monster, of a creature she knows is death.This is the Bay Area after the big one, slowly recovering section by section and ignoring those sections it hasn t reached yet The Wharf is one of those sections and Detective Annie Tanaka lives there Her job is across the bay in the clean and rebuilt areas until it s not until she s commissioned to go undercover into the Wharf s seedy fight rings filled with nanite enhanced fighters to catch a killer, a monster, a nightmare from her past And her entr e into that world Aiden Chen, her friend, her ex partner, the one who blamed her for his wife s death, the one who walked away from the force because of what he saw as betrayal Aiden who had himself enhanced and has been part of the illegal fight world since Aiden who still hates her Aiden whom she didn t hate and never had.The plot has all the markings of a strong, action oriented urban fantasy non stop action, scenes of violence, all painted in shades of dark but it is the characters that drive the story Annie and Aiden move to resolve the past and, inevitably, towards a future together, towards the light I really enjoyed it you ve got to admire an author who can successfully mix kung fu, tattoos, monsters, bonsai and love There s an unexpected twist at the end that I suspect is primarily to set up forthcoming books Take note there is an earlier version of this story out there under the title Black Planet Dragon s Blood published in 2008 by Changeling Press I read it in paper back then and the story line is similar but the presentation is polished showing the growth of the author I would consider the changes significant enough to purchase this new version I believe she will also be reworking and reissuing other entries in the Black Planet series over time.

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    I was given an ARC of the book for an honest review.I had some mixed feelings regarding this book I definitely liked the diversity of the characters, the picturesque contrast of the place our main characters lived in with were they worked, and most of all the the asian elements that surround the story as a whole The latter is the fact I loved the most.The storyline itself was quite messy, I felt like there were chunks of the story that needed some preamble or previous explanation, especially in the second part were everything just merged in a confusing and messy climax.Overall, though I enjoyed the elements of the story, I didn t really loved it because I felt there were crucial things that were overlooked to properly unify the book That said, the world caught my attention so I will be interested in reading further installments.

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    3.5 starsI received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.Here s the deal, I absolutely love the premise of this book, the setting, the action, and most of all Annie I loved these things so much that they kept me reading even when the flow and pace of the story frustrated me If you like dark settings, kick ass heroines and atmosphere you can almost touch, you will probably enjoy this book despite its imperfections Ultimately, the book left me wishing I could grab the next story right away It left me curious about what happens next in this awesome world the author created I am very excited about the next installment in the series.

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    I received a copy from the Author in return for an honest review.I liked the premise of the book, but found that while good, the back story was lacking You are taken right into the story with very little mention of how their world came to be It almost felt like there should have been a book before this one The characters are good and I like how they interacted with each other, but I found there were periods where I had to put the book down and do something else before I could come back and continue reading.While this story was kind of scrambled to me, I did enjoy the world that Belinda created and look forward to reading in this series.

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    Another awful cover they really need to do something with these erotica books and get better graphic artists It looks like a school girl is getting felt up She s actually a cop from the future I guess this book should actually be book 1 because it takes after this book Annie survived a vicious attack and lost a friend and then her partner when he blamed her for her friend s death 5 years later she trying to find the same or similar killer They bring in her former partner Aiden and he learns that she has nothing to be blamed for Surprise killer for me and I usually guess who it is.

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    3 1 2 starsA great little prequel to Black Planet Little Dragon The action in this was great, fights, chases, excellent villains The martial arts and eastern elements were extremely well crafted and made the whole story very believable and real While I didn t love it, I did enjoy it and thought it made a great companion piece to the first book.

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    Exceptional writing Exceptional writing The words flow so well that you just can t help flipping page after page Of course, the story is pretty engaging so that s another awesome factor It says book one I m hoping there s a book two out already because it got a little crowded at the end there I mean, I thought it was paranormal genre at first The last few pages had the added elements of supernatural and science fiction So I m really looking forward to book two

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    3 1 2 Stars for this bookThis story had a great plot design set in the future world of a disaster ravaged San Francisco Unfortunately, it was a little muddled early on and took some time to fall into a rhythm There was definitely no shortage of action, danger and high octane emotions, and the characters were likeable and interesting I didn t love this book, but will probably read the next instalment to see where the author takes this world.

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Black Planet: Dragon's Bloodcharacters Black Planet: Dragon's Blood, audiobook Black Planet: Dragon's Blood, files book Black Planet: Dragon's Blood, today Black Planet: Dragon's Blood, Black Planet: Dragon's Blood 0353f San Francisco, CESan Francisco Was Never The Same After The Great Shake Of On The Ruins Of Fisherman S Wharf, A Ramshackle City Rose Like A Mushroom, A Strange Dichotomy Of Safety And Corruption In This Forbidden City, A Monster Prowls The Corridors And Alleys, Seeking The Nanite Enhanced Flesh And Blood Of Underground Cage FightersDetective Annie Tanaka Once Survived An Encounter With The Monster The Attack Left Her Clinging To Life And Riddled With Fear Now The Monster Has Returned, And Is Hunting In Her Territory She Will Need Every Weapon In Her Arsenal To Face This Enemy And PrevailUnfortunately For Annie, Her Partner Hates Her And Is Next On The Monster S Menu And Annie S Mentor Is A Legendary Fight Master Who Hasn T Been Seen In DecadesAs She Closes In On The Creature, Annie Tanaka Quickly Discovers That Her Real Enemy Isn T The Monster, But Her Own Fear And Against That Fear, Annie Must Stand AloneNote The Events In This Story Take Place Thirty Years Prior To Little Dragon

About the Author: Belinda McBride

Belinda is an award winning, top selling author of erotic romance, speculative fiction and LGBTQ romance She lives in far Northern California with her family and a pack of Siberian Huskies A graduate of CSU Chico, she managed to attend the notorious party school without once getting drunk, arrested or appearing in a Girls Gone Wild video Her main focus of study was classical and archival hist