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Gnelfs explained Gnelfs, review Gnelfs, trailer Gnelfs, box office Gnelfs, analysis Gnelfs, Gnelfs 0a70 Cries In The Night From Her Daughter Heaven Are Just The Beginning For Gabrielle HarrisWhat Seem To Be Nightmares About Heaven S Favorite Cartoon Characters Soon Lead Gab To A Stranger Paranormal Conspiracy Focused On Revenge She S Faced With A Living Nightmare In Which Friends Die And Dangeroussorcery Is At WorkWith Only The Help Of A Strange Holy Man Named Danube, Gabrielle Battles Supernatural Forces For Her Daughter S Life And Soul And For Her Own Sanity, Especially When She Learns She Has To Face Not Cartoon Characters But Demonic Forces And Hell Itself Nothing Short Of A Trip Into The Depths Of Hades Will End The Terror

  • Kindle Edition
  • 352 pages
  • Gnelfs
  • Sidney Williams
  • English
  • 23 November 2019

About the Author: Sidney Williams

Sidney Williams is the author of 12 books including three young adult horror novels under the name Michael August He holds an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College Ask about review copies.

10 thoughts on “Gnelfs

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    I thought this book was great The story kept me going and for a minute I thought it was gonna get cheesy with a back story about a crazy magician, but it didnt I dont think the ending explained enough I felt like I wanted to know about Heaven s future, but the author left it open I also wasnt clear about who Danube really was There were some biblical references, but I guess I didnt get it Other than that, I really enjoyed this book.

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    I wanted I loved the general story, but I can t help but agree with other reviews I wanted of Denube s story I wanted of Heaven While stand alone novels are great those two characters are so much If the author s goal was to leave the reader wanting of the story, he succeeded.

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    This one is told, in part, from the point of view of a child A good, solid story.

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    This was a bizarre book and not one I expected to be remotely decent I bought it at a book fair hoping for a cheesy horror story about killer cartoon characters, and that s exactly what I got Beyond that, it was actually well written and featured characters that seemed much believable and likable than what you d expect from a horror paperback.I was disappointed by the final mini chapter, which seemed pointless and slightly sullied what would have been a great ending at the end of the previous chapter.

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    I started this book thinking it was a book I had read long ago, but it was not I decided to finish it even though at times it would lag for me view spoiler The story follows a little girl and her recently divorced mother The little girl, Heaven, is tormented by nightmares about little green men called Gnelfs that are the latest craze in cartoons, books, toys, etc They start to become than nightmares and begin terrorizing anyone who comes into contact with Heaven We are also introduced to a fellow named Danube who, although its never outright written, is obviously the Wandering Jew He starts helping to determine what has brought all this on and defeat the evil little creatures A love interest is inserted into the story at the beginning, but the poor fellow gets killed off The ending was very abrupt and didn t quite wrap up things for me I would have liked to see Danube s conclusion.I suppose he is still wandering hide spoiler

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    I Read this in High School It was a favorite tale for a long time Recently I went to Powell s here in Portland to find it and they didn t have it in stock, which I thought was odd, or that I had the title author wrong Evidently I didn t, they were just out of stock Definitely a must read again, as I m curious if I ll like it now as I did then.

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    So this was mostly a nostalgia read, and I was so excited when I finally found a decent copy online My mom bought me a copy of this at Wal Mart when I was sick with the chicken pox in 9th grade, and I loved it It s definitely early 90s cheesy horror, and I can t say I was ever thrilled with the ending But I still love it All those Satanic vibes from the 80s with weird kids toys

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