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  • 04 October 2019

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    I have not read the Dexter novels yet, however famous they are I have read many reviews saying Top Ten was a dead ringer for the Dexter books, but said that the former was published years earlier, so it was not a rip off I am not in a position to compare since I haven t read the latter, but I believe I am in a fair position to say that it was a bit underrated under certain circumstances It was not a WOW THAT WAS SOOO GOOD but it was a WOW, THAT WAS FAIRLY ENTERTAINING Here is the synopsis A killer who believes himself an artist of unmatched talent is incensed when he is placed last on the FBI s most wanted list, and begins killing off those fugitives above him, each in a twisted manner that serves his creative vision.But his horrific climb to the top, which leaves both guilty and innocent dead in its wake, must be stopped by a young, driven FBI agent who is given an almost impossible and equally inexplicable task save number five on the list.At all costs.Told in the third person point of view, the insights to each character s state of mind was fairly good, nothing too spectacular But why I chose to review it despite it being relatively common, was because of the effect the villain on me.We have three central characters The first is FBI rising Agent Ariel Grace Brilliant, diligent and resourceful Ariel managed to break codes and dig clues about one of the government s most secret operations in no time She was developed okay, but for me she lacked substance She was the kind of character you could enjoy while you were reading her story, not much afterwards The view was strictly present there were no significant insights about her past, her relationships, her family, herself Her character was designed for the sole purpose of making the plot run.The hero is Mills DeVane, an undercover agent working for the FBI to bring down several illegal drugs operations which are sometimes overseas He is a pilot and I don t really remember if he was a former soldier or air force officer just that his skills on aircraft proved useful to some drug lord I forgot his name He was currently the top 5 FBI most wanted criminal DeVane was developed than Ariel Grace his history was elaborated fully and so it was easier to sympathize with his situation He lost a wife and a son daughter and he has no reason to live, really, except for his loving father His real name was Teddy Donovan He was living on the edge and nearing the end of his mission when the murders began.And the third is the most interesting, Michaelangelo The top ten in the most wanted criminals and unbeknownst to the authorities, the most unstable and therefore the most dangerous The book opened with him and a victim named Doris, or not, I can t really remember It was what hooked me his apparent instability and his willingness to act on it in creative ways I was not new to the thriller genre when I read this, I ve read so many brutal descriptions about killings, special mention Heartsick by Chelsea Cain and The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen, but the graphic description of the killings by Michaelangelo impressed me It was very unique, and intriguing, and it was easy to picture the scenes in your mind s eye , making you want to know who the hell does that kind of thing The history behind his state of mind is appalling but nevertheless made its appeal he was a good and probably not easily forgettable villain, despite the innumerable serial killers invading this genre.The pace was fast and no nonsense, which I liked most Always cuts to the chase and straight to the point, which made it a quick, one sitting read The switch of the points of view was not confusing and annoying, and the suspense was building with every chapter This was a good read, but nothing new and nothing that will surely stick If you like quick reads just to get you through the night or while waiting for something to happen, I recommend this.

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    He considered himself an artist Known only as Michaelangelo, he butchered his victims and rearranged the parts into his art He becomes enraged when the FBI installs him as number ten on their most wanted list His ego insists that he be 1.So he decides to eliminate all the competition.FBI agent Ariel Grace, twenty nine, is in charge of unit five, after 5 on the list When the take down goes bad, because of an unmarked car parked in the area, she is transferred to unit ten and sees it as a demotion.She quickly learns why 5, Mills DeVane, is actually undercover FBI working to rid the world of drug lords.When 9 is found slaughtered in Michaelangelo s particular style, Ariel figures out what s going on and the race is on to catch the maniac before he works his way up to 5.Despite the similarities, this novel was published four years before the first Dexter tale.

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    Interesting murder story with multiple plot twists I enjoyed the book.

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    The male characters in this book are easily related to than the female protagonist who is pretty one dimensional Other than that a good read.

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    Inhoud Hij noemt zichzelf Michaelangelo Net als de schilder, maar geschreven met een extra a Deze moordenaar van Pennsylvania maakt van zijn slachtoffers gruwelijke kunstwerken en heeft slechts n doel voor ogen de meeste gezochte misdadiger van Amerika worden.De veelbelovende FBI agente Ariel Grace onderzoekt de gruwelijke moorden Zij ontdekt dat Michaelangelo, nummer tien op de lijst van de FBI, gedreven wordt door woede Laaiend is hij, dat er maar liefst negen killers beter zijn dan hij En hij zal dan ook niet rusten voordat hij nummer n staat op de top 10 die in heel Amerika hangt aangeplakt.Als Michaelangelo in ijzingwekkend tempo de jacht inzet op de geduchte criminelen boven hem, slaat de paniek toe bij de top van de FBI Want wat niemand weet zelfs de gedreven en onverschrokken Grace niet is dat nummer vijf op de lijst een infiltrant is van de FBI Er volgt een zenuwslopende nachtmerrie op leven en dood.Waardering Omdat ik, toen ik het boek las, nog geen beoordelingen en mening gaf over boeken is het voor mij niet mogelijk om nu een juiste waardering aan het boek te geven Ik hoop in de aankomende jaren tijd te vinden om de serie weer op te pakken om opnieuw te lezen, zodat ik ook dit boek een waardering kan geven.Overige boekinformatie Uitgeverij The house of BooksISBN 90.443.0032.6271 pagina s paperback

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    Ryne Douglas Pearson Top Ten 3.5 StarsWhen serial killer Michaelangelo sees that the top ten most wanted list has been numbered and he is at the bottom of the list, it infuriates him Now he is hunting down the others on the list in order to become number one Ariel and the FBI are after this man though and they are onto what his game is This cagey villain will be the ultimate test for her skills.This was one of the most disturbing introductions I have read in a long time The book was very well written, but continued to be chillingly disturbing throughout the book The plot was twisting and weaving all the way through, working towards an explosive ending I did have to wonder how the villain so easily tracked down all these people that the FBI could not find The characters were pretty well done, but could have had depth The overall plausibility was probably my biggest problem with this novel though As a whole the novel kept me on the edge of my seat, so I would say it was a decent read For of my reviews check out my website, www.tonypeters.webs.com.Tony PetersKids on a Case The Case of the Ten Grand Kidnappinghttp authortonypeters.blogspot.com

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    This is my first book by this author and now he is on my favorite list Michaelangelo as he prefers to be known regards himself an artist and not a killer His brutal slayings are arranged as meaningful art to him.When he discovers he is in the top ten list of wanted men in the USA he finds he is number 10 He is furious So now he is determined to change that and therefore has to climb up that list By any means possible.Now an FBI agent is on his tail and her main task is to save number five on the list Lots of action, greousome deaths and a dickless killer.A thriller like no other, with a ruthless killer that leaves so many bodies behind.I totally enjoyed it and recommend it for all thriller fans

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    This is the first book I ve read from Ryne Douglas Pearson I enjoyed the read The premise is plausible with a few different parallel story lines woven together to create a story that first makes you wonder what s going on and then carries you along with characters you care about to the end.Ryne has included some scenes in the kindle version that were too graphic for the publisher in the paper book version These scenes add to the psychotic view of the antagonist and make you think about what else he could do as he works his way through the FBI s Most Wanted List Read this book You won t be disappointed.

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    I m a big fan of Pearson and I wasn t disappointed with Top Ten It was disturbing and dark, gruesome and suspenseful Pushing the boundaries with his villain, Pearson takes us into the limitless mind of a serial killer unlike any other But this story is complicated than just a simple hunt for a psychopath It s also about our FBI hero and the undercover mission that becomes threatened by the insanity driven work of Michelangelo Great story with enough intertwining elements to make it one of a kind.I enjoyed the characters and found myself invested in their individual stories Edgy with some pretty intense moments, one way or the other, Top Ten will not leave you untouched.

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    When you read a book about a serial killer you have to know how it isn t going to end up well for the serial killer.While this one doesn t end up any differently, sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, for a brief moment I actually felt sorry for the guy Having been bullied as a child I can certainly understand why this killer after being scarred for life he would ultimately snap Enjoyed the read, although I must admit that some of the author s descriptions of the predator s prey was a bit too graphic We ll see how well I sleep tonight.

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Top Tencharacters Top Ten, audiobook Top Ten, files book Top Ten, today Top Ten, Top Ten 48607 A Killer Who Believes Himself An Artist Of Unmatched Talent Is Incensed When He Is Placed Last On The FBI S Most Wanted List, And Begins Killing Off Those Fugitives Above Him, Each In A Twisted Manner That Serves His Creative VisionBut His Horrific Climb To The Top, Which Leaves Both Guilty And Innocent Dead In Its Wake, Must Be Stopped By A Young, Driven FBI Agent Who Is Given An Almost Impossible And Equally Inexplicable Task Save Number Five On The ListAt All CostsThis Electrifying Thriller Is Now Available In The Author S Cut Version, With Scenes Returned That Were Edited From The Original Hardcover Release For Being Too IntenseThis Is The Version Of Top Ten As It Was Written, And As It Was Meant To Be Read

About the Author: Ryne Douglas Pearson

Ryne Douglas Pearson is an accomplished novelist and screenwriter He is the author of several novels, including Cloudburst, October s Ghost, Capitol Punishment, Simple Simon, Top Ten, The Donzerly Light, All For One, Confessions, and Cop Killer He is also the author of the short story collection, Dark and Darker His novel Simple Simon was made into the film Mercury Rising As a screenwriter he