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    Article first published as Book Review Ameriqaeda by Markus Kane on Blogcritics.In a post 9 11 world, when anger and excuses seem to have waned, a new type of terrorist organization has begun to seep into the very consciousness of the United States Years in the making, working on and manipulating those most in need, an organization yet unnamed, makes its entrance into the landscape The entire fabric and planning is both masterminded and directed by one man, Dr Oberon Crevan He has both the means and opportunity to create an apocalyptic scenario His intelligence is off the charts and he is well respected in his field And yet there is something off, something about him that makes him think in a different realm, he feels as if he is than human, then his fellow man And as such he has the right to decide both life and death of a global scale.Special Agent Ian Gray has been in the FBI for some time Undercover assignments were his strong point and he had just completed his most recent As he is debriefed and ready to get his next assignment, he finds that his Section Chief, Donald Crowhurst has concerns with his mental fitness He is ordered to stand down for some rest Taking the time to make his own decisions, he unwinds with his son This time is precious, his son born with downs syndrome, is a joy and helps to center him With his wife s death, this is his one anchor, that which keeps him working,helping keep the world safe.As he unwinds, he receives a call from Dr Amanda Fuller, a prior colleague of his wife He agrees to meet her not even beginning to understand the sequence of events that will be set in place by this visit She is reaching out because she has a story, no one believes her and he is her last hope Gray thanks her for thinking of him and gives her some suggestions of people to talk to and forgets her almost as soon as he leaves the meeting.When Dr Fuller is found murdered within hours of talking to him, Ian is contacted by another faction of the government, by another man he once worked with, Harold MacMillan, DDI of the CIA Known as Mac, his group has been following the information as well as the deaths reported by Dr Fuller and have grave concerns In order for the information that she reported to have been covered up, by both CDC as well as government agencies, there is high expectation of a mole Knowing and prior working experience with Gray makes him a person of interest to help investigate further Being on leave from the FBI gives him some time, but it also creates some conflicts.As Gray investigates for Mac, he is drawn into the very depth of the organization of Dr Crevan, named by the CIA as Ameriqaeda He is teamed up with another operative, Special Agent Lynd As information begins to flow, the FBI and Gray s Boss Crowhurst a pulled in, in an effort to put an end to this organization.As they are drawn deeper into a world of technology, complete with nano particles and diseases, they must find a way to follow the trail of an intelligent madman, one who has developed a secret and deadly following, charismatic in the way that may fanatics are Will they find the answer to the final plan, and if they do will they be able to pull the plug Death and secrets follow them at every turn, and Gray finds that their nemesis is ahead of them in every respect Can they get the drop they need, and will Dr Crevan make a mistake, one that will give them the opportunity to shut down his plan and save the world Markus Kane has written a novel full of possibilities and realities By using the anger and angst created by the terrorism of the current factions, and turning that about and against them in such a way as to create credible circumstances, he has created a fast paced and intelligent read He has written his characters and given them dimension, finding both their strengths as well as their character flaws Ian Gray is an excellent hero for the time, and Dr Crevan makes a very credible protagonist I found the technology and information systems informational as well as interesting This area in many books seems slow and bogs you down and yet while I did not understand everything it was just a part of the backdrop, necessary to the story but not so overblown as to trip it up.Ameriqaeda is written with an eye to reality, creating a haunting look at possibilities of the ever increasing terrorist actions perpetrated in our world today It has characteristics of the day and yet is also creates a hero in the way of The Last Boy Scout, that one guy that will stand between terror and safety, someone to count on in time of need I really enjoyed the story and yet it also disturbed me on many levels.I would recommend this book as a great read It will be appreciated by those that really love a good spy story, and while there is a realism that sets your teeth on edge, there is a also a little family and romance that lightens it up, making it then just another spy storyThis book was received as a free e book from the author All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the information.

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    I thought this was a pretty decent first novel sort of a lighter version of Tom Clancy s early books I say lighter because the scope of the novel is domestic FBI than international CIA , and it was less detailed However, like Tom Clancy, there is a fair bit of technical information that will most likely be new to the layperson Faraday cages, hafnium 178m2, NEST, among others It also contains a rather unique and ingenious idea for a weapon, as well as a novel use of a microwave oven.The narrative is third person and focuses mainly on the protagonist, an FBI agent named Ian Gray However, it shifts quite often to other characters and events as needed to advance the story The language is straight forward and functional, making it well suited to this kind of story The plot is fairly fast paced, with the bulk of it happening in less than 10 days.I m not into action packed thrillers in general, but I still enjoyed this one I would have preferred a slower pace, introspection and reflection, and detailed descriptions of the technology, the settings, and events There is one moment that stands out in my mind where a CIA deputy director is sitting in his office, watching the lightning and reflecting on the current state of affairs While there are a few scenes like this, I would have liked There is, however, one good idea where the author gives us what is seems to be a typical thriller cliche, but then we later find out it s actually part of the plot I received my copy as a free promotion on a discussion forum The one I read was before the copy editing process, so there were a few mistakes that should be cleared up for the final version.

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    Ian Gray is an FBI agent who works undercover He is given an extremely secret assignment to investigate a suspected domestic terror group There are suspicions that the terror group may have infiltrated the FBI, CIA and other organisations, hence the extreme secrecy Gray is a technophobe, and so a female agent, Amber Lynd from the Department of Energy is assigned to work with him.The plot is interesting, and sufficiently believable The man that Gray and Lynd have to oppose is Dr Crevan, a man of extraordinary intelligence, and sufficient patience to spend years setting up the complex plan that Gray and Lynd have to thwart The author includes plenty of technical details, but there is also some family background and a little romance.There were numerous spelling and grammatical errors Not quite enough to make me stop reading though I came close at times , but certainly enough to be very irritating In addition, a lot of the text was in bold font, thought it s not obvious why At first I thought all dialogue was in bold text, but that isn t the case some dialogue isn t bold, some non dialogue is bold I found the use of bold text to be distracting and entirely unnecessary.

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