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    This sequel to The Three Musketeers is the thinking man s Blues Brothers, a getting the band back together tale that is set where such stories should be set among friends in their forties and fifties, still vigorous in decline, constrained by the comforts and commitments of middle age Hollywood, for the last quarter century, has preferred grumpy old _____ movies fill in the blank, astronauts, spies, mobsters, etc , but such heroes in retirement offer few interesting challenges like the crew of Tennyson s Ulysses, it is natural for them to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the western stars because, close to death, they have little to hope for Or lose.Not so the four friends of Dumas continuing saga Lieutenant D Artagnan the only remaining Musketeer longs for a promotion, the rich landowner Porthos now a widower dreams of being a baron, and these ambitions lead them to serve Mazarin, the extremely unpopular new cardinal an ignoble, miserly successor to their former adversary, the old cardinal who is attempting to solidify his control over the boy king Meanwhile, revolution is in the air the people of Paris, spurred on by certain aristocrats, endeavor to oust this disagreeable man D Artagnan asks his other old friends to unite with him in supporting Mazarin, but these two keep their own counsel and decline Aramis, devoted both to his mistress and to her political intrigues, has already joined the aristocratic cabal, and the now abstemious Athos appears to be completely domesticated, thoroughly devoted to the education of his adopted son Raoul This time, it seems, it will not be one for all, and all for one All this of course is as it should be In midlife, when you choose a side, it is hard to tell good from bad and even harder to separate principles from self interest And later, when you are in need of assistance, you may find your once good friends disinterested or preoccupied with their own affairs But then, if you are lucky, like Monsieur D Artagnan, new events and old sentiments may conspire to bring true hearts together again.Unlike The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After builds slowly The two pairs of friends do not even come into conflict until almost one third of the way through this long novel, and only succeed in getting the band back together a third of the way from its conclusion across the sea, in another country, in the service of another beleaguered king But, as I said, this is the thinking man s Blues Brothers It may play fast and loose with history, but, through the many twists and turns of its exciting plot, it remains a convincing portrait of heroes in middle age.

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    I have only two enduring memories of this book.The first is waiting at a supermarket, with the shopping on the belt, reaching into the pocket of my grey overcoat and discovering this book there, were I had plainly put it for safe keeping and then forgot about it It was a small library book, possibly an old Everyman edition, and luckily I was then still young enough that I didn t have to pay library fines for late returned books So I was able to enjoy the pure joy of escaping the eternity of two or three long minutes of waiting for the shopping to pass before the cashier with an overdue library book The second is d Artagnan, now in this book set during the Fronde under the rule of Cardinal Mazarin while Louis XIV is a minor a captain, reflecting on the good old days of Cardinal Richelieu, when you may have been thrown into an oubliette, but at least it was an oubliette with a certain degree of class and distinction There s nothing like the good old days.

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    Wow Just wow I loved The Three Musketeers, but if anything I think that this was even better Twenty Years After is the second installment in the Musketeers tale one that continues into a third part, Ten Years Later , which is normally split itself into three, the last of which is The Man in teh Iron Mask That might be because I didn t already know the story, but I think it was also because there s now a world weariness about the four heroes All now in their forties, they re almost anachronisms shining beacons of valour, but surrounded by people interested only in personal gain and money Cardinal Mazarin is a pale shadow of Richelieu, whose evil is petty and base, almost managing to bring D Artagnan down to his level In fact for almost half of the book, the Musketeers are split in two warring factions, which adds enormous tension to the storyline Overall, I recommend this book even higher than the first one it s just as well written this is no hack work, which is what I felt with Scott s Ivanhoe , this is genuine literature But literature told at super pace and with a nail biting plot Ach just read it, you won t regret it.

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    in un matrimonio, i vent anni oltre a equivalere matematicamente alla pena dell ergastolo scontata di un terzo come funziona davanti alla legge nei casi di patteggiamento e la cosa dovrebbe far riflettere sono da taluni festeggiati come nozze di cristallo che, a dirla proprio tutta, come metafora materica trasmette una certa qual impressione di fragilit spunto di riflessione due.nel caso di dumas e dei suoi quattro moschettieri, succede il contrario mi azzarderei quasi a dire che vent anni dopo il capitolo migliore della trilogia, con d artagnan che batte la francia per andare a ripescare uno a uno i suoi vecchi compagni d avventura mazzarino, che ha preso il posto di richelieu, gli ha promesso nel caso ci riesca di farlo capitano dei moschettieri, e il ragazzo sempre stato ambizioso si sa diciamo che un po come quando jake ed elwood si mettono in testa di ricostituire la banda, solo che invece di andare a stanare i pezzi storici mentre suonano con scarso successo all holiday inn o friggono grassi idrogenati in una tavola calda, qui gli ex campioni del capitano di treville, dopo aver appeso il fioretto al chiodo, vivono pi o meno agiati ma rosi ciascuno da qualche pensiero chi in un abbazia, chi in un castello, chi nella tenuta precedentemente acquisita.qualcuno ha figliato, qualcuno si far un po pregare, ma checcavoli son pur sempre moschettieri di francia li aspettano e ci aspettano fughe rocambolesche, missioni a londra, duelli, tradimenti patiti e vendicati, nessun nazista dell illinois ma solo un dettaglio.certo due personaggi immensi non ci sono pi richelieu, che dumas dipinge comunque come un grande e spietato avversario, stato rimpiazzato dal meschino e pi pusillanime giulio mazzarino tanto per ribadire la solita simpatia francese verso gli italiani e milady de winter vorrei spendere una raffica di epiteti per questo carattere letterario splendido, ma l hanno gi fatto dumas e il fido maquet morta lasciandoci irrimediabilmente un po orfani di perfidia sappi che mi manchi, anne de breuil tu e tutti i nomi che hai assunto via via eppure eppure questo romanzo ha davvero una solidit e una coesione tutte sue anche a dispetto del fatto che nel finale la banda non rester insieme a suonare in prigione ognuno per la sua strada ma comunque tutti per uno, e il seguito si sa.

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    Bello, bello, bello Sebbene pi malinconico e, forse, un po meno rocambolesco de I tre moschettieri, ritrovo qui i miei eroi invecchiati, maturi, ma sempre forti e tenaci Dopo una partenza in sordina, finalmente i quattro amici indissolubili si ritrovano, anche se su lati opposti della barricata Confesso che mi sono commossa di fronte a questa amicizia cos profonda da superare le divergenze politiche l affetto degli uni verso gli altri, messo spesso a dura prova, ne esce indenne Ecco perch , dopo le avventure, i pericoli, i colpi di scena, i duelli, le cavalcate, gli incontri con vecchi amici e la scoperta di nuovi nemici, alla fine uno splendido feuilleton sull amicizia Cari D Artagnan, Athos, Portos e Aramis, non preoccupatevi Il mio non un addio solo un arrivederci Sono pronta per la prossima avventura Il visconte di Bragelonne mi sta gi aspettando

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    This book pales in comparison to The Three Musketeers only because Mordaunt is a much less interesting villain than his mother, Milady Again, it would not be too difficult to twist this story so that Mordaunt becomes no villain at all His goal is simply to avenge the murder of his mother To that end he stabs a man who was already dying, he kills another of the murderers on a field of battle, and he tries to blow up the remaining four In his mind, he s simply trying to get for himself the justice that the world denies him That s not much different than what the Musketeers did to Milady at the end of the first book But even with this moral ambiguity, Mordaunt is neither as interesting, nor as fun as Milady.I loved the treatment of royalty in this book The Musketeers are fierce royalists Athos and Aramis have learned to distinguish the office of royalty from the person wields the power Porthos is too thick to really get the distinction And D Artagnan is learning His main teachers are Anne and Mazarin, the new prime minister since the death of Richelieu After his brilliant service twenty years before, D Artagnan has been largely ignored, and remains a lieutenant in the service of the Queen She has shown no appreciation at all either for his extraordinary service to her, or for his remarkable loyalty and abilities.During this book, there is an uprising in Paris which threatens the lives of Anne, Mazarin, and the young King Louis XIV At their pleading, and their promises never to forget such a service, D Artagnan uses tremendous audacity to save the three of them, and to deliver them all to safety outside of Paris Without reward, he is then sent to England to deliver a message to Cromwell That is the extent of his orders, and he delivers the message Then, he goes outside the scope of his mission but without actually violating any orders , and tries unsuccessfully to save the life of King Charles When he returns to France, his service to Anne is of course completely forgotten, and he s thrown in prison with the intention of letting him rot there forever Such is the gratitude and loyalty of actual monarchs.The amazing thing is that the Musketeers all remain fierce royalists in spite of all the evidence They are convinced that the only problem with the system is that the wrong ministers are advising the monarchs Also, from what we see in the book, it looks like the only alternatives available is the despotism of people like Cromwell, or those even worse Thus, even though everything ends up pretty happily for our four heroes, I found this to be surprisingly bleak in its outlook But even so, Dumas has a knack of being exciting and fun even when bleak I m looking forward to the third installment of these books, but its a monster, and will probably take me quite some time.

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    A differenza del primo libro del ciclo, I tre moschettieri, non conoscevo la storia di questo bellissimo romanzo e questo, per certi versi, me lo ha fatto apprezzare ancora di pi.Le rivalit politiche, nella Francia in lotta tra monarchia e Fronda, dividono anche i nostri quattro eroi che avevamo lasciato vent anni prima.Sono infatti passati vent anni dal loro primo incontro, ma la generosit , il coraggio e l astuzia non sono certo invecchiati Sar l Amicizia a riunirli ancora, rendendoli invincibili davanti a qualsiasi nemico o difficolt.Quante emozioni nella lettura di questo semplice romanzo a puntate , ricco di avventure, fughe, inseguimenti, intrighi e colpi di scena Pi di una volta mi sono commosso davanti alle appassionate parole di D Artagnan o di Athos, e che dire delle continue sorprese in terra d Inghilterra con tanto di botto e lotte subacquee Una sorta di forza compulsiva mi spingeva a leggere il capitolo successivo ancora una cavalcata, ancora un duello, un altra sorpresa anche a notte fonda Arrivato alla fine mi consola solo il fatto che ce n un altro da leggere Il visconte di Bragelonne

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    Il secondo capitolo delle avventure dei moschettieri si apre vent anni dopo i nostri eroi li ritroviamo uno dopo l altro, in forma smagliante, e non c niente di meglio che incontrare ancora personaggi cos meravigliosi Come spesso ripete l autore, i quattro uomini sono dotati di una tempra fuori dal comune sono degli eroi Non si pu che affezionarsi, e non solo rimanere ammaliati, avvinti nel cerchio di lunghe avventure Ho ammirato la furbizia di d Artagnan, le maniere altezzose e il temperamento bellicoso di Aramis, la giocosa ingenuit di Porthos e la nobilt di Athos Diventerebbe prolisso raccontare nei particolari come armoniosa e scattante la penna di Alexandre Dumas, e come i suoi personaggi siano riusciti a bucare il velo della mortalit e diventare i migliori amici di tutti, queste cose le sappiamo E sopratutto le sentiamo leggendo i libri dei moschettieri Mi limito a fare a libro, personaggi e autore una lunga effusione e dichiarazione d a Sinceramente non penso esista libro migliore per un lettore accanito questo il famoso libro che uno nasconde tra le coperte e che continua a leggere dimenticando del tempo che passa Io l ho portato ovunque, ignorando il peso ragguardevole 847 pagine non sono poche da portare in giro , e sono felice di averlo fatto L ironia nei dialoghi, le trovate drammatiche e o divertenti, i tanti personaggi tratteggiati magnificamente, mi hanno ricompensato Vent anni dopo davvero un bellissimo seguito di un libro altrettanto bello.

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    Third read Ah Au revoir my musketeer friends Until the next book Alas, we ve lost some friends along the way With each re read I gain so much from this series, and I m so in love with the characters, and the way Dumas writes them It s absolutely fascinating to read about how four inseparable friends can be divided in opinion and yet still treat one another so respectfully Athos in particular is a god among men, and even among his friends he s astoundingly honourable I love how much respect he commands in this novel And when I have signed, Messieurs, what will be my security My word of honour, Monsieur, said Athos.Mazarin started, turned towards the Comte de la Fere for a moment, scanned that loyal, noble countenance, and taking the pen, That s quite sufficient, Monsieur the Count, said he, and he signed.I cannot express how deeply I wish a person s word could be trusted the way that of Athos is D Artagnan is still a hero with a keen mind, and he thinks of everything He s also freaking hilarious and has the greatest insults ever He s so clever he verbally backhands people all the time LOVE IT Aramis is rather politically minded and still quick to anger, but he s tempered by the calm that is Athos He still has such an intriguing role, and of course he s mixed up with another lady friend whom he s definitely not sleeping with wink Porthos gets so much love from me in this novel because his devoutness simply cannot be faulted He may be a little slow on the uptake, but he trusts his friends so completely and it makes my heart wanna burst Every single time he says something like, I have no idea what you re talking about but just tell me what to do I feel my heart expand for him These four men are friendshipgoals and I will never stop loving them, and wishing that modern men were like these heroes I guess it s my destiny to be constantly disappointed by men for the rest of my life cries Guest appearances from de Winter and Rochefort were delightful as I missed them just as completely, and I love that d Artagnan and Rochefort are bffs after constantly trying to kill one another in the first book Bless them Anne is a total menace in this one and it makes me that much sadder for the loss of Buckingham Mazarin is a douchebag and it s sad to see d Artagnan and Porthos working for him Bills, bills, bills, I guess Raoul is a total sweetheart and I m looking forward to re reading about him in The Vicomte de Bragelonne.Honestly I could go on about this series forever My heart is entirely devoted to these Musketeers.If you don t continue with the series after The Three Musketeers, you are seriously missing out my friends Original review after second read It s certainly a longer story than The Three Musketeers, with complicated politics and a whole lot of new names that are easier to remember if you do a little research of the time and put some faces to names At times, it s easy to lose the story in trying to remember who everyone is, and whose side they are on it can be rather tricky to follow That being said, I will never stop loving these characters Taking place twenty years after the original novel, our Musketeer friends have aged well, and the first saga of the novel is dedicated to renewing old acquaintances and discovering what s happened in our absence D Artagnan is still our hero musketeer, though he has cemented his place as a brilliant soldier and his experience is evident in the way his new adventures are written His brilliant mind is sharp as ever, and so many of my favourite moments in this novel come from his wit, confidence and natural ability to form a plan simply because one is called for His closeness with Porthos is quite charming, and I love how much faith Porthos has in his friend even after twenty years of separation When it s revealed that the four friends are split between duties, I must say I felt quite unsettled, even knowing how the novel concludes this being a re read Their friendship is the cornerstone of this entire series and to have those dynamics shifted makes for tense reading The introduction of the villainous Mordaunt sends shivers down the spine at how easily he commits evils, yet there is still sympathy to be found in the form of the musketeers regrets of how the situation with Milady was handled in the former novel He is written so as to be hated, but there is a depth to him that also allows for pity It s this masterful creation of characters that has me so in love with this series I find it easy to be caught up, and feel alongside those I m reading about.The inclusion of Mazarin and a Queen Anne of Austria so different from the first novel was something to get used to, particularly when the musketeers hatred of Mazarin gave them such respect for the main villain of the previous novel This, too, shows the power of the decades that have passed This is a sequel cleverly written, giving respect to time and how it gives wisdom through hindsight and maturation It is also fascinating to read about the changes that have occurred between the two time periods.All in all, it s everything you loved from The Three Musketeers, though complicated with politics, a long list of characters, and several different arcs that lengthen the novel quite drastically Perhaps a little too heavy, and therefore easily avoided by fair weather fans, but this is a must read for those who fell in love with The Three Musketeers the same way I did The depth this novel carries is truly satisfying, and you will finish it with the sense that, once again, you have said goodbye to old friends.

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    No one ever talks about Twenty Years After, and it s hard to find out it exists unless you re looking for information on the Three Musketeers I think the main reason behind this is just its bulk It s a huge volume, and it is pretty daunting thinking you will be able to get through all those pages However, it is still paced very well, and there is a lot of action here Twenty Years after is much character driven than Three Musketeers, and the emotional connection you feel to the characters and how they ve grown and changed is definitely the driving force behind this volume The evolution of the characters from the Three Musketeers is very touching and fun to watch as Dumas expands on the personal connection you feel with them and leads you to cheer for them to re unite While it s not as strong as Three Musketeers but what is , I do prefer Twenty Years After over Man in the Iron Mask The Musketeer Trilogy is my favorite literary story of all time I can t count how many times I ve read the collection, and it is rather daunting to go through the unabridged versions The pacing, plot and character development are all excellent This is the absolute pinnacle of adventure story telling, and is a must read for any adventure fan This edition contains excellent footnotes, detailing both historical notes, plot notes, and notes from Dumas own life.

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Alexandre Dumas fils.Alexandre Dumas, p re French for father , akin to Senior in English , born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie, was a French writer, best known for his numerous historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world Many of his novels, including The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne were serialized Dumas also wrote plays and magazine articles, and was a prolific correspondent Excerpted from