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The Unseen summary The Unseen, series The Unseen, book The Unseen, pdf The Unseen, The Unseen de4f8e0b87 From Katherine Webb, The Author Of The Acclaimed International Bestseller The Legacy, Comes A Compelling Tale Of Love, Deception, And IllusionA Vicar With A Passion For Nature, The Reverend Albert Canning Leads A Happy Existence With His Naive Wife, Hester, In Their Sleepy Berkshire Village In The Year But As The English Summer Dawns, The Cannings Lives Are Forever Changed By Two New Arrivals Cat, Their New Maid, A Disaffected, Free Spirited Young Woman Sent Down From London After Entanglements With The Law And Robin Durrant, A Leading Expert In The Occult, Enticed By Tales Of Elemental Beings In The Water Meadows NearbyQuickly Finding A Place For Herself In The Underbelly Of Local Society, Cat Secretly Plots Her Escape Meanwhile, Robin, A Young Man Of Considerable Magnetic Charm And Beauty, Soon Becomes An Object Of Fascination And Desire Sweltering In The Oppressive Summer Heat, The Peaceful Rectory Turns Into A Hotbed Of Dangerous Ambition, Forbidden Love, And Jealousy A Potent Mixture Of Emotions That Ultimately Leads To Murder

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    While there is no time slip element to this novel the author has constructed dual narration set a hundred years apart, the contemporary setting in 2011 and the historical in 1911.In the present day the body of a WWI soldier has been discovered near Ypres, Belgium Ryan works for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, he contacts Leah who is a freelance writer thinking she might be able to discover the soldier s identity based on the information in two letters that were found with him The letters were written by H Canning and sent from Cold Ash Holt, a little village in Berkshire, England Leah is intrigued to learn about the man and begins researching the Cannings of Cold Ash Holt.In Cold Ash Holt we meet Hester Canning and her husband the vicar Arthur Canning Hester has taken on a new maid from London, Cat Morely, who was recently released from gaol Hester knows things about Cat s past that she won t have gossiped about in town, she feels Cat deserves to earn a living and have a chance to regain a place in society Arthur s passion for nature brings the renown theosophist Robin Durrant into their home.Readers know from the book jacket that a murder will be committed, we don t know the identity of the victim, the perpetrator or the motive for the crime We have clues about what s in store for one of the characters but not the details of how events unfold I realized that one of the characters I was reading about was very likely going to be the victim of murder by the end of the book and while I had hoped it would be a certain someone I began to fear that it was going to be the character I had become most fond of.I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was disappointed when I realized at page three hundred and ninety two that I was almost done with it I thought the author did an excellent job of revealing the events that transpired in the past at the same time the characters in the present were discovering them Very rarely do I read a novel and not think about the author and why she made the choice she did, whether it be the word choices or the choices she has her characters make I thought very little about Katherine Webb while reading this novel Which is how I like it.I m so glad that a friend of mine recommended this book to me, without reading her review I would never have chosen it A big part of the reason I wouldn t have chosen it is because of the cover art I know, don t judge a book by its cover Now I m looking forward to reading Katherine Webb s first novel The Legacy.I think fans of Susanna Kearsley would really enjoy this, it reminded me of The Winter Sea If you liked that I think you will enjoy this as well.

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    Segunda obra que leio desta autora Sem levantar muito o v u, porque quero gravar o correspondente v deo de opini o, digo que houve coisas que me empolgaram, como, por exemplo, a personagem Cat Morley, que me conquistou desde que ela veio ter comigo na narrativa, e outras que me desiludiram um pouco, como a narrativa de um dos tempos sobre os quais a obra se debru a.Opini o completa em v deo aqui

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    This is an absolutely fantastic book I was completely and utterly hooked from page 1 I literally could not put it down I was exasperated that I had to keep putting it down so I could eat and sleep.I won t go into the plot of this magnificent story, as other reviewers have covered it, suffice to say that the story is so interwoven between 1911 and 2011 that you never really know what is going to happen next You are aware that there is a sense of evil building up but as the story twists and turns one is never quite sure who the villain is The way that Katherine Webb writes is so atmospheric, I could feel the sense of menace building, it was so vividly portrayed I grew to really like Hester, Cat and Sophie as the plot unfolded The only down side to this book is that it had to end It is truly one book I am so glad I have read, and it will stay with me for a long time 5 stars is not enough and I highly recommend it I am now hungrily devouring The Legacy by the same author Bliss.

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    Captivant, dar nu la fel de bun ca Mo tenirea.

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    What is unseen in The Unseen by Katherine Webb ultimately refers to multiple things spirits fairies, buried secrets, hidden desires, the truth beneath the lies, all of which add up to a mesmerizing work of fiction with historical bases Webb weaves disparate events in early 20th Century England, the suffragette movement, and spiritualism occultism, to form a constant tension filled narrative which explodes in one unforgettable and tragic summer In the back of the book, Webb states that the first inspiration for The Unseen came from the Cottingley Fairies, photographs taken by two young girls in 1917 which seemed to prove the existence of fairies and were widely believed as authentic by many, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.The Unseen alternates between the present, when Leah, a journalist, investigates the newly found, well preserved body of a World War I soldier and the summer of 1911, when an English vicar s household receives two residents Cat, a mysterious housemaid with a shady past and Robin, a charismatic theosopist Of the two, the modern storyline was less compelling, a faint mirror to the strong themes in the past Each character in the past has something hidden, threatening to come out, whether they know it or not Cat has come to the vicarage from prison, unable to work anywhere else No one knows the reason she has been incarcerated, although murky rumors swirl Robin appears to believe strongly in the existence of elementals or fairies and has somehow persuaded the Vicar of his beliefs but is he just a slick con man The Vicar, too, has secrets unknown to his naive and frustrated wife Webb expertly builds up the suspense, revealing little by little each character s hidden motivations and past, until the shocking climax I flew through this book, eagerly turning the pages to find out what actually happened during that fateful summer Although Cat is prickly and hard, I found myself aching for her as her story eventually came out Hester, the vicar s wife, seemed like such a ninny at first some of the passages about her made me laugh out loud but as her full story emerged, she became sad and thwarted figure to me If you like the plotting and writing in Kate Morton s books, such as The House at Riverton, you ll like The Unseen.

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    I gave 5 stars to Katherine Webb s first book The Legacy, and had high hopes for this new one I loved the blurb and the first 100 or so pages, which were full of tantalising hints as to the long lost secret.But then it lost my interest The past storyline spent a long time getting nowhere fast, feeling like padding than plotting I enjoyed the reveal, which I ll admit took me by surprise, but by then it was far too little far too late I normally love dual timeline books, but that style just didn t work here So little time was spent in the present day story, that it became completely unnecessary, a pointless interruption to what was already a flat past After such a fabulous first book, this was a very disappointing read

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    What a disappointment this book was The reviews I read of it were promising as was the blurb on the cover Glad I borrowed this from the library.The story is slow, very slow, and boring The only reason I kept reading was in the vain hope that something would happen It is one of those books that has two inter woven stories, one set in the past and one in the present day I have read a few of these recently and they have been well executed and cleverly done not this one To my mind it would have been better if the book had been set in the present day with flash backs to the past.The characters were one dimensional and I felt absolutely nothing for them, they were all dull, dull, dull Would not recommend this book to anyone it was that bad

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    tai ir 90 oji mano perskaityta knyga iais metais Ir kaip tokiam gra iam skai iui, pasirinkau tikrai ger roman Autor man jau pa stama i pirmojo savo romano Palikimas , kuris mane su av jo savo paslaptingumo, senov s dvasia ir m slinga aura Nematomieji mane su av jo lygiai taip pat.Istorija pasakojama i dviej perspektyv 2011 ir 1911 met uralist Li, padedama savo draugo stengaisi atkapstyti sen , rast mirusio kareivio pa on je lai k , paslapt Lai kai mena sen m sl apie didel meil , i davyst , o gal net nusikaltim Li, nusprend ia keliauti pagal lai k nuorodas ir i siai kinti lai kus jungian i istorij.1911 metai Vikaras ir jo mona Estera, savo dvare nusrend ia darbinti k tik i kal jimo paleist mergin Ket Ji kal jo u savo pa i ras moters teisi pripa inim Ketei be galo sunku b ti tarnait , suvar ytai, statytai tam tikrus r mus Ket tiki jog visi mon s lyg s, o moterys n ra nam eiminink s Estera, tuo tarpu, tik apie tai ir svajoja vaikai, eima, mylintis vyras ir joki varg Bet didysis jos vargas vikaras, jos vyras Vikaras, Albertas pasi vent s avo profesijai Tiki antgamti kom dvasiom ir savo tyrumu, ir nenori jo suter ti O jo mona savo tyrumo neken ia J namuos apsilanko teosofas Robinas, kuris vikar tikin jog jo dvasingumas yra reik mingas ir kartu jie pradeda aplinkos tyrimus Ne ilgai trukus pievoje jie atranda f jas, kas tampa did iausiu to meto skandalu, ypa po to, kai Robinas i ry kina j nuotraukas.Vis roman gaubia ypatinga, paslaptinga aura f j pasakojimai sukuria nepaprast , trap visos istorijos poj t Trapumas slypi visuose veik juose tiek mai tingoje tarnait je, tiek vikare, tiek Esteroje ar i laik pasakojime Ir pavadinimas tiesiog tobulai apsako vis knyg nematomos f jos, nematomos moterys, nematomas skausmas Kiekvienu puslapiu m gavausi Knyga pilna interpretacij , ir tikiu kiekvienas skaitytojas joje atrast savo teigiam veik j , mat realiai knygoje nei blogiuk , nei ger j n ra Nematomieji idealus romanas skaitytojams m gstantiems senov , paslaptis, neatkapstytas eimos istorijas ir dramati k meil Tikrai ir toliau seksiu Katherine Webb literat rin keli , nes kartais toki moteri k istorij pati irdis aukiasi.

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    I think this has to be my book of the year so far I enejoyed it so much I really didn t want it to end I loved her debut novel the Legacy too but this just blew me away.The main characters are extremely well drawn, real and believeable Hester recently married to mild mannered Albert Canning, vicar of a sleepy canalside village during a long hot summer in 1911.Cat, come from London to work as a maid in their household, recently released from Holloway prison, struggling with her inner beliefs and desire for a better life.We are introduced to Hester in a series of letters she has penned to her married sister and it becomes clear she is struggling to adapt to and understand what is expected of her in her new role as wife, sure any shortcomings are hers and no fault lies with her devoted and gentle young husband.Cat finds it hard to settle to a life of servitude, bringing from prison a legacy of illness, mistrust of other folk, outspokenness and an overwhelming desire for freedom.As the scorching summer heat continues, into their lives bursts Robin Durrant a theosophist guest of Albert whose very presence threatens to affect all of their lives in different ways.Life will never be the same again once what has remained unseen is revealed.This is written as a dual time novel as in the present day Leah is researching the story of these characters from some letters found buried, however although its well written and pertinent to the storyline the modern layer of the novel is almost surplus to requirements the strength and events of the historical part being sufficient to intrigue most readers I got the impression that the author felt a dual time story would be popular and tried to turn it into one for this reason.It doesn t spoil an excellent book however, the issues covered have been well researched and fall into place beautifully Victorian beliefs and attitudes regarding spirituality, equality, womens rights and class division, suffragettes, homosexuality all are covered in this lovely novel, which build to a quite shocking climax.Lovely, lovely, book, beautifully written I just adored it.

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    Numa s palavra viciante Este um daqueles livros que d vontade de virar a p gina e saber o que vai acontecer de seguida Para al m da ac o ser passada em dois tempos diferentes 1911 e 2011 , a autora mostra uma profunda sabedoria sobre o momento certo de mudan a de s culo, deixando o leitor com vontade de saber o que se vai passar a seguir em cada um deles Ainda n o tive oportunidade de ler o outro t tulo da autora lan ado pela Asa, A Heran a , mas j ouvi falar muito bem desse livro tamb m Parece que Katherine Webb tem o dom da palavra e demonstra isso muito bem atrav s das p ginas dos livros At ao momento final nunca consegui adivinhar o que ia acontecer, qual das personagens iria morrer Uma morte era certa, o mais dif cil era descobrir qual era Apesar de tudo se passar num curto espa o de tempo n o notei aquela velocidade no decorrer dos acontecimentos que muitas vezes nos deixa decepcionadas por n o serem muito desenvolvidos, nesta historia tudo acontece com uma calma enorme e descri es feitas nas alturas certas, deixando qualquer leitor maravilhado com a hist ria que tem na sua frente.

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