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Dead for a Ducat download Dead for a Ducat, read online Dead for a Ducat, kindle ebook Dead for a Ducat, Dead for a Ducat 744e9a3a264a Philip Fletcher, The Well Known Actor And Murderer, Has Hit Rock Bottom Instead Of Finding Himself On The Verge Of Stardom As He Had Fondly Imagined, His Personal And Professional Lives Are At An All Time Low Unloved And Apparently Unemployable, He Has Turned To Whiskey For Solace Then Suddenly A Job Is Offered, And With It A Vast Sum Of Money, By A Movie Producer Extremely Anxious To Secure His Services Where, Philip Wonders, Is The Catch He Finds Out Soon Enough, As He Narrowly Escapes Death By Accident Several Times During Filming Someone Is Out To Get Him, But Who In His Element In The Seedy And Corrupt Film World, Philip Has Advantages The Would Be Murderers Cannot Even Guess At Philip Actually Has A Pretty Solid Grounding In This Line Of Work In Fact, He S Probably Better At It Than The Killer Himself