The Blossom and the Firefly

The Blossom and the FireflyFrom the award winning author of Flygirl comes this powerful WWII romance between two Japanese teens caught in the cogs of an unwinnable war, perfect for fans of Salt to the Sea , Lovely War , and Code Name Verity Japan 1945 Taro is a talented violinist and a kamikaze pilot in the days before

Seven Deadly Shadows

Seven Deadly ShadowsKira Fujikawa has always been a girl on the fringe Bullied by her peers and ignored by her parents, the only place Kiras ever felt at home is at her grandfathers Shinto shrine, where she trains to be a priestess But Kiras life is shattered on the night her familys shrine is attacked by a vicious

The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism

The Longing for Less: Living with MinimalismMore than just a story of an abiding cultural preoccupation, The Longing For Less peels back the commodified husk of minimalism to reveal something surprising and thoroughly alive Jenny Odell, author of How to Do Nothing Thoughtful and absorbing A superb outing from a gifted young critic

Quel che affidiamo al vento

Quel che affidiamo al ventoSul fianco scosceso di Kujira yama, la Montagna della Balena, si spalanca un immenso giardino chiamato Bell Gardia In mezzo installata una cabina, al cui interno riposa un telefono non collegato, che trasporta le voci nel vento Da tutto il Giappone vi convogliano ogni anno migliaia di persone


PachinkoIn the early 1900s, teenaged Sunja, the adored daughter of a crippled fisherman, falls for a wealthy stranger at the seashore near her home in Korea He promises her the world, but when she discovers she is pregnant and that her lover is married she refuses to be bought Instead, she accepts an

They Called Us Enemy

They Called Us EnemyA graphic memoir recounting actor author activist George Takei s childhood imprisoned within American concentration camps during World War II Experience the forces that shaped an American icon and America itself Long before George Takei braved new frontiers in Star Trek, he woke up as a

Khi Tách Cà Phê Còn Chưa Nguội

Khi Tách Cà Phê Còn Chưa Nguội480.000 b n c b n ra ngay l n xu t b n u ti n n m 2015 Khi t ch c ph c n ch a ngu i c vinh danh l m t trong m i c gi i th ng d nh cho ti u thuy t th ng m i c nh h ng nh t Nh t B n t nh n nay Trong cu c i n y, n u c th quay ng c th i gian, b n s mu n i u, l m g ,

The Woman in the White Kimono

The Woman in the White KimonoOceans and decades apart, two women are inextricably bound by the secrets between them Japan, 1957 Seventeen year old Naoko Nakamuras prearranged marriage to the son of her fathers business associate would secure her familys status in their traditional Japanese community, but Naoko has fallen for

The Japanese Lover

The Japanese LoverIn 1939, as Poland falls under the shadow of the Nazis, young Alma Belasco s parents send her away to live in safety with an aunt and uncle in their opulent mansion in San Francisco There, as the rest of the world goes to war, she encounters Ichimei Fukuda, the quiet and gentle son of the family s

Killing Commendatore

Killing CommendatoreThe epic new novel from the internationally acclaimed and best selling author of 1Q84 In Killing Commendatore, a thirty something portrait painter in Tokyo is abandoned by his wife and finds himself holed up in the mountain home of a famous artist, Tomohiko Amada When he discovers a previously

Daughter of Moloka'i (Moloka'i, #2)

Daughter of Moloka'i (Moloka'i, #2)This companion tale to Moloka i tells the story of Ruth, the daughter that Rachel Kalamaquarantined for most of her life at the isolated leprosy settlement of Kalaupapawas forced to give up at birth The book follows young Ruth from her arrival at the Kapi olani Home for Girls in Honolulu, to her

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical StoryFrom the 1 New York Times best selling author and lifestyle cleaning guru Marie Kondo, this graphic novelization brings Kondo s life changing tidying method to life with the fun, quirky story of a woman who transforms her home, work, and love life using Kondo s advice and inspiration Marie Kondo